Bottling capabilities


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Our products and services

Our product range includes a wide variety of juices, carbonated soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, still drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, water, beer and specialty drinks. We offer packaging in PET, Aseptic PET (A-PET), carton, cans and glass.

In a fast moving and constantly changing market, we never give up on our ambition to improve and we are always searching for new ways to drive innovation. Our production processes are highly flexible, enabling us not only to develop the right products in the right volumes but also to develop new product formulas and packaging combinations in line with customers’ changing needs and requirements. Aseptic PET based technology, which facilitates the manufacture of soft drinks and fruit juices without additives or preservatives, is just one such example and is now a strong focus of our business.

Retailer brands

For retailers with a own product range, we offer an end-to-end solution that covers every step of the process. Our well invested production platform and expertise place us at the forefront of beverage production, and retailers choose us for our ability to consistently provide good tasting, high quality soft drinks and fruit juices.

Contract manufacturing

We are specialized in beverage contract manufacturing for branded beverage companies. A-brands seek contract manufacturing partners that have sufficient scale and geographic scope to provide the production flexibility to meet their requirements in multiple markets.

With 59 manufacturing sites in 12 countries we are capable of producing a complete product and packaging mix.


• Fruit and vegetable juices fruit juices from concentrate and not from concentrate and all kinds of vegetable juices
• Carbonated soft drinks full- and low-calorie alternatives
• Nectars, fruit drinks and fruit lemonades nectars and fruit drinks in a wide variety of flavours
• Functional / Still drinks energy drinks and sports drinks
• Mineral and functional waters sparkling and still mineral water sourced from wells near our production sites
• Ready-to-drink / Ice teas green tea and a wide variety of flavoured iced teas
• Other drinks seasonal and specialty drinks


We produce soft drinks and fruit juices in virtually all current packaging formats and sizes.
• Carton
• Aseptic PET
• Cans
• Glass

Total supply chain solutions

In addition to the efficiency of our bottling processes, we provide customers with total supply chain solutions and have a solid track record for maintaining high service levels and seamless service across geographies. Our services are end to end and everything in between and we work with our customers on any basis from idea through to planning and sourcing and product development, production, warehousing and transportation.