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Our company

Refresco is an independent bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers and A-brands in Europe and the US. With production in the Benelux, Finland, France, Germany, Iberia, Italy, Poland, the UK and the US our global sourcing and local R&D capabilities offer an almost unlimited variety of products, manufactured to customer specifications and requirements.

In addition to the efficiency of our bottling processes, we can also provide our customers with total supply chain solutions – from planning and sourcing of raw materials and packaging through to warehousing and transportation.

We focus on providing high customer service levels as well as core innovations through the introduction of new packages, flavors and varieties of soft drinks and fruit juices. In (co-)designing new products, we share extensive knowledge of market trends, local consumer preferences, product formulas, raw materials, and new production technologies.

We are able to develop new concepts and bring these to market in an extremely short time frame.

In 2016 we realized full year volumes and revenue of circa 6.5 billion liters and circa €2.1 billion, respectively. We employ over 5,500 people in Europe and the US.

Our head office is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.