Principles and policies

In this section you find codes, charters and policies that promote transparency in our decision-making and help strengthen the principles of good governance.

Code of Conduct
As a general principle, Refresco conducts all business operations with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Refresco operates as an open, transparent company and meets all legitimate requests for information, unless the business or personal circumstances of those involved require confidentiality.

Refresco expects its employees to work with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. High standards of personal behavior are expected in relationships with colleagues as well as in dealings with suppliers, agents, professional advisers, shareholders, banks, and other third parties.

Refresco recognizes that responsibility, reliability, and integrity are essential preconditions for dealing with third parties such as suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Therefore Refresco will always act in good faith and expects its employees to refrain from acts that may prejudice these preconditions.

Whistleblowing procedure
Refresco has implemented a whistleblowing procedure to support and further strengthen its culture of openness and integrity. Intended as an ultimate remedy only, the procedure is developed to deal with suspicion of misconduct that cannot be discussed with the supervisors, or already has been discussed without a suitable solution. The position of an employee who has reported in good faith a case of suspected wrongdoing, will not be disadvantaged in any way.